TechnoCNC Router Software

The following are the files necessary to upgrade your Vision System.

Vision System

Techno / I-Cut Integration

Techno Inc has partnered with I-Cut Inc, worldwide-known vision and production software; as part of this partnership, Techno has fully integrated I-Cut software into our LC/LC+ machines.

To use I-Cut with your LC/LC+ machine, purchase an I-Cut installation package, which includes the I-Cut installation CD, and proceed to install I-Cut software. After I-Cut installation is completed, run the Techno/I-Cut Integration installer, making sure that all interface settings are set properly. You may also want the Full Icut DVD

Techno CNC Interface - Vision System

Techno Vision System is our legacy vision system. To install this system, download the Techno CNC Interface Vision System installer, which installs a custom vision version of the CNC interface and the respective camera drivers.

If upgrading your vision system, you can download the Vision System Upgrades; just copy all of these files into your cnc interface folder.

Follow the two text files for install instructions and the PDF files for program parameter instructions.