TechnoCNC Router Software

You should right-click on the files to save them properly. You will then be prompted for a location and name to save.


Back up your old version before upgrading! Do this by copying your entire TechnoCNC software folder somewhere safe.

New Releases

A much improved version of the servo Control Interface has been released! Check out the Control Interface page to download version 1.423

1.423 Change Log

  • Optional Techno / I-Cut integration
  • Rapid acceleration respected during G-code movements
  • Softlimits is expanded and easier to use
  • Drivers Installer included in interface installer
  • New installer

1.422 Change Log

  • 64 bit OS support
  • Lots of Plasma updates and fixes
  • ART improvements for single-core computers
  • ART preview function included
  • Machine Test improvements
  • Start/Pause buttons light up when Remote buttons are pressed
  • Interface Update Frequency menu options added
  • Vision System bug fixes
  • Jerk Reduction added to params.cfg

1.421 Change Log

  • Brand new toolpath trajectory algorithms
  • Corner and general curvature velocity control
  • G-code float error correction
  • New following methods: from precise to smooth
  • Improved Preprocessor settings screen
  • Machine test improvements

Support and Documentation

If you need help with any software here, you can find manuals and other documentation on the Techno CNC support website.


The newest TechnoCNC Interface and drivers support 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems, which include:

  • Windows 7 (All sub versions - home, pro, etc)
  • Windows Vista (All sub versions - home, pro, etc)
  • Windows XP (All sub versions - home, pro, etc)
  • Windows 2000